My Id / Entity lyrics

(n. walusko)

Now can you fill this here cavity

Warm and dark--this sick gravity

I'm thinking about the things that you pulled from me

And what they've grown up to be

But i want you so, i don't need to go, and i'd love to show

My identity, my id-entity

The gods are dropping down from the firmament

'cause even they're not so permanent

Look at your self and your humanity

All in all it's just vanity

And i loved you so, but i needed to go, 'cause you wanted to know

My identity

You've got me near, you're using fear to keep me--keep me here

You want me to be your casual necessity,

But those are things that i can never be, yeah

Someone's in the vicinity

Underneath your infinity

You've given to me the "many thanks for the memories"

Bet you can use them when you're seventy

But i want you so, and i'd love to...oh, forget you know, oh, oh

My identity, my id entity