Turn In The Road lyrics

(jim witter/steve wariner)

I remember back when i was just a kid
A little schoolyard fight
And i'd come running home again
I'm not really sure what i wanted her to do
But my momma's words would comfort me i knew
And she'd say

It's another turn in the road
It's another step along the way
You can count on me every minute night or day
Cause if you have someone there for you
There is nothing that you can't get through
I will help you carry your load
When you come to a turn in the road

Those high school days when i thought i was a man
Not much time for her but mom would always understand
And when i came home broken cause i'd been given back my ring
She said a little time son it heals everything

Now the tables turned and mom is on her own
Yes it's been real tough on all of us since daddy's gone
And when she says she can't go on missing him for one more day
I just hold her close close to me and say??