Comfort Me lyrics

I was found after losing my way,
Safe and sound after many a day.
I was lost in a world of madness,
Please take me from all of this sadness.

Comfort me, in whatever i do.
Comfort me, and i'll comfort you too.
Follow me, 'cause i'm trying to love you.

Can't figure out what's wrong with my head,
I used to think i wish i was dead.
You took me from all of that sorrow,
My future's bright, i can't wait 'till tomorrow.


There ain't nothin' to it, anyone can do it,
It's easy when you're feelin' right.
I know that i feel good, and i know that you should,
Stop not doin' what you know is right.

Don't know what it is that's causing this feeling,
What ever it is i'm touching the ceiling.
I won't let go of this beautiful sound,
I once was lost but now i am found.


I just don't want to be your friend, yeah.
You can trust me 'till the very end, yeah.
I know just what i'm talkin' about, yeah, yeah.
I'm talkin 'bout the love that you can't live without, no, no.