Come Anew lyrics

[a-plus] man it's time for us to come back around
[phesto] man what's up a-plus?
[a-plus] nuttin phesto, youknowhati'm sayin?
It's been a while, we coulda dropped the old shit
A while ago and
[phesto] man
[a-plus] niggaz was lovin it, youknowhati'msayin?
And a couple of niggaz made that they thing so
[phesto] i feel you man, it's nineteen ninety-five
You know we gonna come like this, it's no man's land
[a-plus] youknowhati'msayin? it's time to come anew
Youknowhati'msayin? youknowhati'msayin?
Cause ahhh, i'm bout to make my money yeahhh
And i know youse gonna make yours
[phesto] ohh yeah, ohh yeah
[a-plus] ya know, cuz niggaz ain't lavish
[phesto] un-uhh
[a-plus] niggaz ain't rich nigga
[phesto] nah, nah
[a-plus] i, i be with those, my same potnahs
And when i'm rich i'ma be with them too
[phesto] ohh yeah, but i'm tryin to clock some scrilla you know?
[a-plus] some major shit, and uhh, about these other niggaz
Player hatin, talkin down and shit
Youknowhati'msayin? make your money
Don't trip off me, i'm tryin ta make mine
[phesto] man we comin fat forever, you know
[a-plus] ay phes, you know
[phesto] don't even doubt it, don't even doubt it
[a-plus] it's just natural phes, it's natural
[phesto] that's how we do it over on this side
Oakland, cali-forn-ia
[a-plus] east side nigga, the real death valley nigga
[phesto] don't trip, don't...