Diggin' Your Scene lyrics

Tell me why we're all gluttons for pain
The girl is totally insane
She doesn't know the meaning of tame
Still i can't put out the flame
Hey hey i wanna play on the team that you despise
Every day a new disguise
Every night a halloween
She says keep the motor runnin' man
Like i was some machine
You can talk talk but i?m keepin' her stock
I wouldn't even change a thing
Why fight you've got me roped and tied
I hit your baited line
I'm so diggin' your scene
I said you're playing with my head
I could split instead
I'm so diggin' your scene
On you like a hungry tick
Like a junkie knows he ought to kick
But i don't want to be dope sick
So i scramble for a fix
Voodoo and sorcery too i can't shake your freaky spell
Can anybody tell me why we're springer bound
Why we feel so up when we're kept down
On a short leash behind a barbed wire fence
With no chance of parole on a life sentence
My friends tell me i should run
They say they think she's got a gun
But that just only turns me on
Right on right on right on
Hey hey i wanna play for the team that you despise