Polishing The Looking Glass lyrics

Floating on this water
Couldn't be any better
'less i sank to the floor
And could breathe
Clouds roll by
In shapes of butterflies
And there's no time
To miss you any more
Now i can breathe
Funny when nobody's listening
The truth catches easy
There's no more fishin'

I'm up and away
Without you here
I'm captive
Polishing the looking glass
There's no one to be
Without you here
And everything's fine
I'm starting over
Polishing the looking glass

Fairy tales and fables
Many lies are on the table
In this crazy world
Sodom and gomorrah
Not the storyville of horror
That we have today
What's been happening?
You said that you'd go away
If i had given in
To tell you lies
And play you for a fool

I'm coming off like a roller coaster
The silly games and mistakes
I want you to know
I want you to know