Leave This Love Behind lyrics

Baby, baby, baby, we've been battling for days
And i'm holding on to my rope's end
'cause maybe honey maybe
Seems that's all you have to say
And i'm praying for fate to come back and hold you

Squeeze you
Tell you this

We've got it all
We've got everything
It's golden in my mind
Don't let me down

Hope will awaken now
Would you leave this love behind?

Baby, are we not suffering enough?
Seems there's plenty of pain to be borrowed
We're created for the garden
But so many feel forgotten
Do you forget what it feels to be lonely?
Don't you leave me lonely

The sun will rise on this paradise
And you know the greatest of all is love
We're born here alone to find
The world's in a wicked time
But still the greatest of all is love