First Time lyrics

So whats wrong with me, I can't sleep,

pull these bedsheets over me and let me be,
with broken hearts, and black and blues,
I' m shivering because I wondered what you'd think,
if I didn't break, and made a change for you

It feels like, the first time, that I am standing on my own,
and I'm not wasted tonight, not wasted tonight

It takes a part of me, can't you see,
I'm pushing through your tidal waves so I can breathe,
with no regrets, so bittersweet,
I'm holding on because I waited for your call,
if you care at all, I will wait for you

Tonight I throw myself into, this blanket of relief,
where i can get release, but you can't understand,
whats happening to me, and these songbirds in between,
sing anthems out to you