Sureshot lyrics

Hey sure shot I got one thing to ask
Why don?t you come round here a while
I need someone to talk to
You being the first one in line
All you have to have here is a spine
I needed someone to rescue
I get a visual fright
When I think of how you lassoed me in
If you have to kick it baby
Do what you need to, what you need
Come on slow down
This rides a runaway train
I?ll give you something to cry about
I needed something won?t give it to me
Won?t you baby?
I hear you asking questions
It seems you like to talk a lot
I come deliver, won?t you?
You shouldn?t have to lie about it, no
A good time I should?ve ruled out
Come to find you lie a lot
Dropped out of a sickness
You?re deluded
And if you have to really think about it,
this isn?t gonna last very long now is it?
Does she interest you?
She?s so fine
Divine under heaven
Her courtesy is wise
She?s so interesting
She?s so