Love You Back lyrics

Seventeen kerilee baker was setting my dreams on fire g
Back of the class i was sinking so fast drowning in my own desire
I wrote poems and songs and letters, asking her if she'd be
We graduated that may, until this very day i'm still waiting on her reply

Cause you can love somebody(love somebody) you can love somebody
Thats a natural fact you can love somebody
But the hard part is finding somebody who'll love you back
Yeah finding somebody who will love you back
Well the years have gone by and i realize
Nothing really much has changed
Still searching high and low for that single soul
Carrying a mutual flame
Well i had a few dear near misses
Saying they could hear the music play
But i marched on believing just to find
I was leading another one man parade

But i ain't giving up(aint giving up) no it means to much to me(means to much to me)
But it's got to be right(so right) in giving as well as receive
Cause you can love somebody