Better Than It Used To Be lyrics

Now it ain't like me to talk about the way
My woman makes me feel
But since you asked and i've got a minute
Well gentlemen here's the deal
If i told it's as good as this or that you might misunderstand
So let me give you all a little idea of what's it's better than


It's better than whiskey when you're col
Better then your favorite song on the your radio
Better than a feather bed when you've been loving all night
And you're got to get some rest
Better than punching out on payday
And cruise control down the highway
It's a whole lot better then it used to be
And it used to be the best.

Now i've seen love that started to fade soon after that first kiss
But let me make it clear right now that ain't the case with this
It started out good, started getting better it never has slowed down
And it's better than a bunch of you buying me another round

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Lordy, lord i love that woman of mine
And what we've got has got to be one hundred times better than
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End with last line of chorus