Ice Cream lyrics

Come and get a scoop of my ice cream baby
Js got the flavors dat I know will drive you crazy
Tonight its gon be like we was dreaming
Baby wont you taste my Ice cream

Verse 1:
Baby you know I got all da flavors that you want
plus I got all the skills dat I need to turn you on
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate baby boy it's on
Now tell me can you picture my body on the cone

Baby come lay yo body right here I wanna ride it
Switch it up turn it round now come and get in side it
Tonight you gon so much fun won?t you taste my love
Tell me do you have a taste for vanilla wafers

Chorus [1x]

Now boy it?s getting late so don?t hesitate lets get to it.
Put the chocolate factory CD on and watch me loose it.
I'm in my story looking deep I know what it is you want
Vanilla mixed with peach mixed with cherry mixed with lime

I got all kinds Apples and lemon lime
Come and try the coconut it?s gonna blow yo mind
This is something you wouldn?t want to miss
Baby 31 flavors ain?t got nothing on this

Chorus [1x]

You ain?t never seen, no you ain?t never seen milky waters fall
You ain?t never seen, you ain?t never seen gum drop walls no
You ain?t never seen, you ain?t never seen a vanilla tootsie roll
Taste my ice cream