Misty Blue lyrics

[intro]if my mother was out there, i'd dedicate this to her tonightoh, it's
Been such a long long timelooks like i'd get you off of my mindbut i can'tjust
The thought of you, my loveand my whole world turns misty blueoh, honey, just
The mention of your nameturns the flicker to a flamelisten to me good babyi
Think of the things that we used to doand my whole world turns misty bluebaby,
Baby, baby, babywhen i say that i'm glad we're throughdeep in my heart, i know
I've liedi've liedbaby, baby,when i say that i'm glad we're throughoh, deep in
My heart, i know i've liedi know i've liedoh, oh, heybaby, baby, baby, baby,
Baby, baby, i can't forget youheaven knows i try, heaven knows i tryand, oh,
Hey, hey, heyoh, no i can't, no i can't, oh, i can't, i can't forget youand my
Whole world turns misty bluehey, hey, yeahoh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby,
Baby, i can'tsaid i can't forget youif you know the song, sing alongooh, cause
My whole world turns misty blueand i wanna say, before i go right now tonight
I don't have any thing else unlessyou wanna hear iti wanna say from the bottom
Of my heartnow i really know what love is>from a distanceand it's real loveand
I wanna thank each and every one of youfor supporting me, cause i couldn't have
Done it without youand i'd be misty blue if i didn't have your loveand if it
Was youi'd be out there screamin and cheerin for you