Don't Sleep in the Subway lyrics

You wander around on your own little cloud
When you don't see the why or the wherefore
You walk out on me when we both disagree
'Cause to reason is not what you care for

I've heard it all a million times before
Take off your coat, my love, and close the door

Don't sleep in the subway, darling
Don't stand in the pouring rain
Don't sleep in the subway, darling
The night is long
Forget your foolish pride
Nothing is wrong
Now, you're beside me again

You try to be smart then you take it to heart
'Cause it hurts when your ego is deflated
You don't realize that it's all compromise
And the problems are so overrated

Goodbye means nothing when it's all for show
So, why pretend you've somewhere else to go?

(repeat and fade out)