Sunflower lyrics

I don't care how long this lasts
We have no future - we have no past
I write this now while i'm in control
I'll choose the words and how the melody goes -
Along winding streets we walked hand in hand
And how i long for that sharp wind
To take my breath away again
I'd run my fingers through your hair
Hair like a wheatfield i'd run through
That i'd run through -

And i miss you so - i miss you so
No you're gone i feel so alone
I miss you so

I'd send you a flower - a sunflower bright
While you cloud my days messing up my nights

And all the way up to the top of your head
Sunshower kisses i feld we had

And i miss you so - i miss you so
All i gotta do is think of you - and i miss you so
Baby i'm afraid to say why - i miss you so