Sadie May lyrics

I looked around

When you said that it was going down
And I found myself in another town
Where I knew you were for me
I though about
What you said
And if it would amount
To anything
And what you meant
When you told me that this way
Would be better

I didn't think that this was alright
I didn't think this would happen tonight
I didn't think this could happen to me

I spent my time
Avoiding ropes and chains
And things that bind
I tried them back
But Sadie didn't mind
She said she liked it all the same

I wanted out
But Sadie knew
Just what it was about
If anything
What she was getting out of me
For this she would know better

I'm not through with you yet [3x]
What you see is what you get
I'm not through with you yet [3x]