Can't You Be Blind lyrics

Oh the writing on the wall
It reminds him of the things that once were
The diamonds, oh the diamonds on her hands
Just one could change his life
And make him a brand new man

Can't you be blind for a minute
So he can take the money that you hand him
Inside, oh he needs it
But his heart's so full of pride
But his heart's so full of pride
And won't allow it
Can't you be blind
Can't you be blind

Even his demons have run away
They're deformed by the pain of that evening rain
His riches that he holds
Mean more and more to him
As his life unfolds

Can't you be blind

Tonight he will fight with his pride
Stony ground catch the diamonds that fall from his eyes
It's just a darker side of truth
A translucent work of art
Are you going to shoot the arrow straight through his heart?
To acknowledge makes him bleed
Cut by his own pride
As he stands alone
Can't you be blind, etc.