Tracing lyrics

Do you ever get the feeling
that were starting in the middle
or do u ever have the sense
that we are lieing just a little
I mean come on
its not like we have known ourselves that long

and I cant say I really blame you
with being bored with the beginning
always staring at the score
to figure out whose barely winning
but dont you know
that there is a reason strong moves slow

and Iam ok.. if your ok.. wasting time
but when you trace
you always see the bottom line

we are tracing... I hope you know... we are tracing

and if you want to know the moment
I knew that I was still alone
I found I never learned your number
I only stored it in my phone
I think about now
I know the shape of calling home..

And Iam ok.. if your ok.. with wasting time

and when you trace
you always see the bottom line..

we are tracing.. I hope you know.. We are tracing
were both alone..

we are tracing........