Foetus Noose lyrics

Cloying blackness
Within the womb
Unwanted child's
Fleshly tomb
A weaven choke
Hung in time
Frail neck is broke

Aborted form's
Placenta shroud
Writhe in untold fear
Suffer not this child to live
Awash in bitter tears

Eternally they're cast
In a sea of feculence
Sound the flatline knell
Bloodied noose, a cold embrace

Salted out of life's chance
Lost souls disarrayed
What never was, can never be
Grotesque we betrayed

Mortal remains
Now just burning embers
It cuts both ways
For all those dismembered

Carbonised by fire
Burning flames of hate
Guilty in a blinkered court
Destruction child's play

Beaten derewcts on the brink of death
There's no requiem
Nothingness is what remains
No chance to live again

(* This is a kind of anti-abortion song.
Have you ever wondered what happens
to an aborted foetus? Well it gets cast
into its own hell to await death by hanging
at the end of all creation. The hangman's
noose is made from all the weaved umbilicus
cords from the unwanted children. *)