God lyrics

I once knew a killer named lenny larue
Had lost four fingers had faded tattoos
I asked him one day to whom do killers pray
And he said to me as he looked away
Well god don't even know my name
For i live my whole life in shame
God is in me ?c god is in you
And god's love has been abused
God don't even know my name
Had to fight a baptist preacher
Who had drank too much
He took a swing at me but i ducked his punch
I pushed him to the ground
And as he rose out of the dirt
I asked ?c
Why does a preacher man have so much hurt?
I once spoke to god and he made me cry
Said i could come to heaven any time
He did not mind ?c he forgave my crime
I once loved a ballerina who was narrow and mean
She believed in nothing but her cable tv
Cussed and cursed and swore that jesus was dead
If god did not damn her i wonder who did