No Sale/no Store lyrics

This week!
This week only!
No money down!
No payments till spring!
No payments in spring!
No payments in summer!
No payments ever!
This week!
This week only!
We pay the gst!
We pay the pst!
We pay for delivery!
We pay for everything!
How do we do it?
How do we offer these fabulous deals?


We've got the most!
The best!
The worst!
We've got it all!
We've got everything!
Except one thing!
What's that?
We've got... no store!
No products!
So come on down!
This week!
This week only!
No parking problems!
No parking payments!
No parking lot!
You don't have to park!
You don't even have to come!
So don't come down!
Stay away!
This week!
Every week!
Every year!
No money down!
No payment ever!

That's nothing for nothing!!